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Lectures on Medical Image Analysis

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Lectures on Medical Image Analysis
Easy and neat set of lecture notes in Medical Image Analysis taught at West Virginia University by Prof. Tim McGraw. It covers several famous computer vision techniques such as active contours, graph cuts, level set methods, anisotropic diffusion, etc.
Tim McGraw
Added 02 Apr 2009
Updated 25 May 2009
Year 2009
Authors Tim McGraw
Week 1 Overview, Diffusion,Solving the diffusion equation, Matlab sample with explicit and implicit formulations
Week 2 Perona-Malik - inhomogeneous and anisotropic diffusion
Week 3 Tensor anisotropic diffusion, TV norm minimization
Week 4 Bilateral filter,Segmentation
Week 5 Active contours
Week 6 Level sets, Block matrices, finite difference matrices and solving linear systems
Week 7 Chan-Vese region based segmentation, Hidden Markov Measure Field model
Week 8 Graph Cuts , Registration overview
Week 9 Unimodal image registration, Multimodal image registration by maximization of mutual information
Week 10 Spring Break
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