Acoustic Eavesdropping through Wireless Vibrometry

6 years 5 months ago
Acoustic Eavesdropping through Wireless Vibrometry
Loudspeakers are widely used in conferencing and infotainment systems. Private information leakage from loudspeaker sound is often assumed to be preventable using sound-proof isolators like walls. In this paper, we explore a new acoustic eavesdropping attack that can subvert such protectors using radio devices. Our basic idea lies in an acoustic-radio transformation (ART) algorithm, which recovers loudspeaker sound by inspecting the subtle disturbance it causes to the radio signals generated by an adversary or by its co-located WiFi transmitter. ART builds on a modeling framework that distills key factors to determine the recovered audio quality. It incorporates diversity mechanisms and noise suppression algorithms that can boost the eavesdropping quality. We implement the ART eavesdropper on a software-radio platform and conduct experiments to verify its feasibility and threat level. When targeted at vanilla PC or smartphone loudspeakers, the attacker can successfully recover high-qu...
Teng Wei, Shu Wang, Anfu Zhou, Xinyu Zhang
Added 14 Apr 2016
Updated 14 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
Authors Teng Wei, Shu Wang, Anfu Zhou, Xinyu Zhang
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