Architectural and Analytic Integration of Cyber-Physical System Models

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Architectural and Analytic Integration of Cyber-Physical System Models
—Modeling methods for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) originate in various engineering fields, and are difficult to use together due to their heterogeneity. Inconsistencies between mutually oblivious models and analyses often lead to implicit design errors, which may cause catastrophic failures of critical CPS. Such consistency issues are not fully solved by the state-of-the-art integration methods, which lack generality, formal guarantees, and effectiveness. To overcome these limitations and achieve better integration, this paper outlines a two-level integration approach based on architectural views and analysis contracts. In particular, this paper proposes languages and algorithms to specify and verify important integration properties, such as correct analysis execution and rich consistency of architectural views. According to the results to date, this approach shows promise in detection and prevention of implicit errors, which would be difficult to fix otherwise.
Ivan Ruchkin
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Year 2015
Authors Ivan Ruchkin
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