Automatic Generation of Transformations for Software Process Tailoring

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Automatic Generation of Transformations for Software Process Tailoring
—Tailoring software processes is an activity that allows process engineers to adapt organizational software processes to the needs of particular projects. Model-driven engineering (MDE) has been used for tailoring software processes using models and transformations. Even though there are some proposals for automatically generating part of the transformations, they are not easily applicable in the software industry because there are still factors that jeopardize its usage in small software enterprises. First, the potential users -process engineers- do not usually have the required knowledge for writing transformations. Second, current transformation languages and tools are not simple for defining and applying tailoring transformations. Trying to deal with these challenges, this research proposes a tool-set that balances the formality required by MDE and the usability needed by the users. We define a domain-specific language for defining tailoring rules. These rules are the input f...
Luis Silvestre
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Year 2015
Authors Luis Silvestre
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