Compliance Aware Business Process Design

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Compliance Aware Business Process Design
Historically, business process design has been driven by business objectives, specifically process improvement. However this cannot come at the price of control objectives which stem from various legislative, standard and business partnership sources. Ensuring the compliance to regulations and industrial standards is an increasingly important issue in the design of business processes. In this paper, we advocate that control objectives should be addressed at an early stage, i.e., design time, so as to minimize the problems of runtime compliance checking and consequent violations and penalties. To this aim, we propose supporting mechanisms for business process designers. This paper specifically presents a support method which allows the process designer to quantitatively measure the compliance degree of a given process model against a set of control objectives. This will allow process designers to comparatively assess the compliance degree of their design as well as be better informed ...
Ruopeng Lu, Shazia Wasim Sadiq, Guido Governatori
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where BPM
Authors Ruopeng Lu, Shazia Wasim Sadiq, Guido Governatori
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