Deploying a Wireless Sensor Network in Iceland

13 years 2 months ago
Deploying a Wireless Sensor Network in Iceland
A wireless sensor network deployment on a glacier in Iceland is described. The system uses power management as well as power harvesting to provide long-term environment sensing. Advances in base station and sensor node design as well as initial results are described. The Glacsweb project The Glacsweb project [1] aimed to study glacier dynamics through the use of wireless sensor networks. It replaced wired instruments which had previously been used with radio-linked subglacial probes which contained many sensors. The base of a glacier has a large controlling effect on a glacier’s response to climate change and there is a growing need to study it in order to build better models of their behaviour. Several generations of systems were deployed in Briksdalsbreen, an outlet of the Jostedal icecap in Norway. As a multi-disciplinary research project it involved people from many domains: electronics, computer science, glaciology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and GIS. Initial...
Kirk Martinez, Jane K. Hart, Royan Ong
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where GSN
Authors Kirk Martinez, Jane K. Hart, Royan Ong
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