Detecting protected layer-3 rogue APs

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Detecting protected layer-3 rogue APs
— Unauthorized rogue access points (APs), such as those brought into a corporate campus by employees, pose a security threat as they may be poorly managed or insufficiently secured. Any attacker in the vicinity can easily get onto the internal network through a rogue AP, bypassing all perimeter security measures. Existing detection solutions work well for detecting layer-2 rogue APs. It is a challenge, however, to accurately detect a layer3 rogue AP that is protected by WEP or other security measures. In this paper, we describe a new rogue AP detection method to address this problem. Our solution uses a verifier on the internal wired network to send test traffic towards wireless edge, and uses wireless sniffers to identify rouge APs that relay the test packets. To quickly sweep all possible rogue APs, the verifier uses a greedy algorithm to schedule the channels for the sniffers to listen to. To work with the encrypted AP traffic, the sniffers use a probabilistic algorithm that ...
Hongda Yin, Guanling Chen, Jie Wang
Added 02 Jun 2010
Updated 02 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Hongda Yin, Guanling Chen, Jie Wang
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