Distributed Stable Matching Problems with Ties and Incomplete Lists

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Distributed Stable Matching Problems with Ties and Incomplete Lists
We consider the Stable Marriage Problem and the Stable Roommates Problem in presence of ties and incomplete preference lists. They can be solved by centralized algorithms, but this requires to make public preference lists, something that members would prefer to avoid for privacy reasons. This motivates a distributed formulation to keep privacy. We propose a distributed constraint approach that solves all the considered problems, keeping privacy. 1 The Stable Marriage Problem The Stable Marriage Problem (SM ) [5] involves n men and n women. Each man mi ranks women forming his preference list, and each woman wj ranks men forming hers. A matching M is a one-to-one mapping between the two sexes. M is stable when there is no blocking pair (m, w) such that m and w, no partners in M, prefer one another to his/her partner in M. A solution is a stable matching. There are several SM versions. With Incomplete Lists (SMI ) some people may consider unacceptable some members of the other sex. With T...
Ismel Brito, Pedro Meseguer
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Year 2006
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Authors Ismel Brito, Pedro Meseguer
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