Evaluating bidding strategies for simultaneous auctions

12 years 3 months ago
Evaluating bidding strategies for simultaneous auctions
Bidding for multiple items or bundles on online auctions raises challenging problems. We assume that an agent has a valuation function that returns its valuation for an arbitrary bundle. In the real world all or most of the items of interest to an agent is not present in a single combinatorial auction. We study the problem of bidding for multiple items in a set of simultaneous auctions, each of which sell only a single unit of a particular item. Hence an agent has to bid in multiple auctions to obtain preferred item bundles. While an optimal bidding strategy is known when bidding in sequential auctions, only suboptimal strategies are available when bidding for items sold in auctions running simultaneously. To decide on an agent's bid for simultaneous auctions, we investigate a multi-dimensional bid improvement strategy, which is optimal given an infinite number of restarts, . We provide a comparison of this algorithm with existing ones, both in terms of utilities generated and co...
Teddy Candale, Sandip Sen
Added 13 Oct 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ATAL
Authors Teddy Candale, Sandip Sen
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