Flipped Top-Down is Systematic Bottom-Up

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Flipped Top-Down is Systematic Bottom-Up
—The paper presents an experience report in course design for a versatile group of computer science students where their needs were surfaced and met by the combination of strict top-down exposure to course material and the flipped classroom model of lecturing. I. MOTIVATION Computer science departments in general have little to no trouble attracting students to their undergraduate (Bachelorlevel) programmes. However, some suffer from a syndrome when a fair fraction of students start their CS education only to gradually increase their disappointment up to the level of switching to a more suitable programme. When such leaks happen at later stages, they can be considered harmful to both students who lose their time figuring out the right match, and to the departments that invest teachers and other resources into students that never complete their education there. One of the ways of preventing such leaks involves moving more hardcore computer science courses into the first year so tha...
Vadim Zaytsev
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