A Framework for Establishing Decentralized Secure Coalitions

12 years 11 months ago
A Framework for Establishing Decentralized Secure Coalitions
A coalition provides a virtual space across a network that allows its members to interact in a transparent manner. Coalitions may be formed for a variety of purposes. These range from simple spaces used by individuals to share resources and exchange information, to highly structured environments in which businesses and applications operate and may be governed according to regulation and contract (security policy). Coalitions may spawn further coalitions and coalitions may come-together and/or merge. This paper describes a logic-based language that provides a foundation for coalition regulation and contract in a manner that avoids authorization subterfuge and has a number of novel features that make it applicable to open systems. The language provides inter- and intra- coalition delegation, including identity, role and threshold based delegation operations. The logic is used to describe a decentralized infrastructure for establishing and regulating these coalitions. Coalitions are form...
Hongbin Zhou, Simon N. Foley
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CSFW
Authors Hongbin Zhou, Simon N. Foley
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