Future of Simulation in Biotechnology Industry

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Future of Simulation in Biotechnology Industry
In the 21st century, the Biotechnology industry has the potential to inspire a number of management tools and theories, just as the Automobile industry did in the 20th century. This paper explores the opportunities for simulation in Biotechnology over the next few years and provides structure for the panel discussion in Biotechnology and HealthCare track. We detail the structure for Biotechnology industry, review status and opportunities for simulation and present gap analysis of opportunities and tools available. The purpose of the panel discussion is to discuss the role for simulation community in Biotechnology industry over the next few years and identify key areas where simulation can add value. 1 BACKGROUND Role of Biotechnology industry in 21st century is similar to the role played by Automobile industry in the 20th century (Womack, Jones, Roos, 1991). Automobile industry promoted and developed the science of management (Taylor, 1911). simulation tools and theory developed out o...
Prasad V. Saraph
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