Generating Model with Uncertainty by Means of JTL

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Generating Model with Uncertainty by Means of JTL
Abstract—In Model-Driven Engineering, the potential advantages of using bidirectional transformations are largely recognized. Despite its crucial function, in certain cases bidirectionality has somewhat limited success because of the ambivalence concerning non-bijectivity. In fact, consistently propagating changes from one side to the other is typically non univocal as more than one correct solution is admitted. This gives place to a form of uncertainty which means that, rather than having a single model, we actually have a set of possible models but we do not know what is the right one. In this paper, we discuss how dealing with multiple solutions is important and requires specialized tools and support. In particular, handling a set of models explicitly is generally non-viable. Thus, we extended the JTL semantics to generate a model with uncertainty which is semantically equivalent to the set of models it represents. The approach is implemented and a metamodel-independent technique ...
Gianni Rosa
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Year 2015
Authors Gianni Rosa
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