IgorFs: A Distributed P2P File System

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IgorFs: A Distributed P2P File System
IgorFs is a distributed, decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) file system that is completely transparent to the user. It is built on top of the Igor peer-to-peer overlay network, which is similar to Chord, but provides additional features like service orientation or proximity neighbor and route selection. IgorFs offers an efficient means to publish data files that are subject to frequent but minor modifications. In our demonstration we show two use cases for IgorFs: the first example is (static) software-distribution and the second example is (dynamic) file distribution. 1 Igor The Internet Grid Overlay Routing network “Igor” is a structured P2P overlay network that provides a key based routing service similar to Chord [7]. Unlike a distributed hash table, which offers a publish/subscribe service only, Igor is a service oriented overlay network. It routes messages based on a destination key and a service identifier. It is up to the respective service implementation how these me...
Bernhard Amann, Benedikt Elser, Yaser Houri, Thoma
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where P2P
Authors Bernhard Amann, Benedikt Elser, Yaser Houri, Thomas Fuhrmann
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