Model-Based Reuse of APIs using Concern-Orientation

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Model-Based Reuse of APIs using Concern-Orientation
—Despite the promises of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) to address complexity and improve productivity, no widespread adoption has been observed in industry. One reason this paper focuses on is reuse, which is essential in modern software engineering. In the context of MDE, poor availability of reusable models forces modellers to create models from scratch. At the same time, reusable code artifacts, such as frameworks/APIs are widespread. They are an essential part when creating software. This paper presents model-based reuse of APIs, which makes use of concern-driven development (CDD) the level of abstraction of APIs to the modelling level. The interface (API) of a framework is modelled using a feature model and design models for each feature enabling their reuse in MDE. Additional information is embedded, such as impacts and protocols, to assist the developer in the reuse process. We discuss how this enables reuse at the modelling level, the required tool support and future work.
Matthias Schöttle
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Year 2015
Authors Matthias Schöttle
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