Path Diversity Aware Interdomain Routing

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Path Diversity Aware Interdomain Routing
—As the Internet becomes the critical information infrastructure for both personal and business applications, fast and reliable routing protocols need to be designed to maintain the performance of those applications in the presence of failures. Today’s interdomain routing protocol, BGP, is known to be slow in reacting and recovering from network failures. Increasing path diversity by advertising multiple paths is an effective strategy to achieve reliable interdomain routing. However, designing a scalable and efficient multiple path advertisement to enhance the reliability of interdomain routing is still challenging. In this paper, we propose two path diversity aware routing protocols, D-BGP and B-BGP, to improve the resilience of interdomain routing. The two protocols can establish multiple paths with low routing overhead by exploiting the path diversity existing in the underlying network infrastructure. We evaluate the reliability improvements by simulation.
Feng Wang, Lixin Gao
Added 24 May 2010
Updated 24 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Feng Wang, Lixin Gao
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