Performance analysis of epidemic routing under contention

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Performance analysis of epidemic routing under contention
Epidemic routing has been proposed as a robust transmission scheme for sparse mobile ad hoc networks. Under the assumption of no contention, epidemic routing has the minimum end-to-end delay amongst all the routing schemes proposed for such networks. The assumption of no contention was justified by arguing that since the network is sparse, there will be very few simultaneous transmissions. Some recent papers have shown through simulations that this argument is not correct and that contention cannot be ignored while analyzing the performance of routing schemes, even in sparse networks. Incorporating contention in the analysis has always been a hard problem and hence its effect has been studied mostly through simulations only. In this paper, we find analytical expressions for the delay performance of epidemic routing with contention. We include all the three main manifestations of contention, namely (i) the finite bandwidth of the link which limits the number of packets two nodes ca...
Apoorva Jindal, Konstantinos Psounis
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Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Apoorva Jindal, Konstantinos Psounis
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