Phase-Based User-Steered Image Segmentation

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Phase-Based User-Steered Image Segmentation
This paper presents a user-steered segmentation algorithm based on the livewire paradigm. Livewire is an image-feature driven method that finds the optimal path between user-selected image locations, thus reducing the need to manually define the complete boundary. We introduce an image feature based on local phase, which describes local edge symmetry independent of absolute gray value. Because phase is amplitude invariant, the measurements are robust with respect to smooth variations, such as bias field inhomogeneities present in all MR images. In order to enable validation of our segmentation method, we have created a system that continuously records user interaction and automatically generates a database containing the number of user interactions, such as mouse events, and time stamps from various editing modules. We have conducted validation trials of the system and obtained expert opinions regarding its functionality.
Lauren O'Donnell, Carl-Fredrik Westin, W. Eric L.
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Lauren O'Donnell, Carl-Fredrik Westin, W. Eric L. Grimson, Juan Ruiz-Alzola, Martha Elizabeth Shenton, Ron Kikinis
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