Proposal for an Integrated Video Analysis Framework

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Proposal for an Integrated Video Analysis Framework
The analysis of video data targeting the identification of relevant objects and the extraction of associated descriptive characteristics will be the enabling factor for a number of multimedia applications. This process has intrinsic difficulties, and since semantic criteria are difficult to express, usually only a part of the desired analysis results can be automatically achieved. For many applications, the automatic tools can be complemented with user guidance to improve performance. This paper proposes an integrated framework for video analysis, addressing the video segmentation and feature extraction problems. The framework includes a set of modules that can be combined following specific application needs. It includes both automatic (more objective) and user interaction (more semantic) analysis modules. The paper also proposes a specific segmentation solution to one of the most relevant application scenarios considered - off-line applications requiring precise segmentation.
Paulo Correia, Fernando Pereira
Added 26 Oct 2009
Updated 26 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 1998
Where ICIP
Authors Paulo Correia, Fernando Pereira
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