Robust taxi dispatch under model uncertainties

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Robust taxi dispatch under model uncertainties
Abstract— In modern taxi networks, large amount of realtime taxi occupancy and location data are collected from networked in-vehicle sensors. They provide knowledge of system models on passenger demand and taxi supply for efficient dispatch control and coordinating strategies. Such dispatch approaches face a new challenge: how to deal with future customer demand uncertainties while fulfilling system’s performance requirements, such as balancing service across the whole city and minimizing taxis’ total idle cruising distance. To address this problem, we present a novel robust optimization method for taxis dispatch problems to consider polytope model uncertainties of highly spatiotemporally correlated demand and supply models. An objective function concave over the uncertain demand parameters and convex over the variables is formulated according to the design requirements. We transform the robust optimization problem to an equivalent convex optimization form by strong duality and...
Fei Miao, Shuo Han, Shan Lin, George J. Pappas
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Updated 18 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
Where CDC
Authors Fei Miao, Shuo Han, Shan Lin, George J. Pappas
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