Scalable Video Transmission for a Surveillance System

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Scalable Video Transmission for a Surveillance System
The Area of Interest (AoI) is a distributed scalable video transmission subsystem, for a surveillance system, which concentrates on decrementing the amount of video information transmitted to the end-user equipped with a mobile device. The video information is processed by the Video Surveillance Intelligent Platform (VSIP) to discriminate the essential images of the indoor area under stationary video surveillance. The AoI system analyzes the output of the VSIP’s images and eXtended Markup Language (XML) image information. The AoI system is able to define and extract the essential information, e.g., a tracked individual, and it transmits only this image to the end-user. First, the AoI transmits the entire image of the indoor area to the mobile device of the end-user. Then, the AoI system transmits only the secluded tracked objects’ images to the mobile device. The end-user’s device portrays the scaled portrait images of the targeted object on top of the background image. The AoI ...
Tomi Räty, Lassi Lehikoinen, François
Added 31 May 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ITNG
Authors Tomi Räty, Lassi Lehikoinen, François Brémond
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