Sensor localization with deterministic accuracy guarantee

11 years 6 months ago
Sensor localization with deterministic accuracy guarantee
—Localizability of network or node is an important subproblem in sensor localization. While rigidity theory plays an important role in identifying several localizability conditions, major limitations are that the results are only applicable to generic frameworks and that the distance measurements need to be error-free. These limitations, in addition to the hardness of finding the node locations for a uniquely localizable graph, miss large portions of practical application scenarios that require sensor localization. In this paper, we describe a novel SDP-based formulation for analyzing node localizability and providing a deterministic upper bound of localization error. Unlike other optimization-based formulations for solving localization problem for the whole network, our formulation allows fine-grained evaluation on the localization accuracy per each node. Our formulation gives a sufficient condition for unique node localizability for any frameworks, i.e., not only for generic fra...
Ryo Sugihara, Rajesh K. Gupta
Added 30 Aug 2011
Updated 30 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Ryo Sugihara, Rajesh K. Gupta
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