Testing M2M/M2T/T2M Transformations

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Testing M2M/M2T/T2M Transformations
—As Model-Driven Engineering is becoming adopted by industry, models and model transformations (MTs) are extensively used. Hence, there is the urgent need for systematic testing mechanisms and tools to check their correctness. In this work, we make use of a particular case of contracts for model transformations called Tracts. First, Tracts allow the transformation developer to specify and test a model-to-model transformation in a modular way, and to identify bugs. However, they do not allow to track where the faults in the implementation are. For doing that, we present an approach based on matching functions that automatically establish the alignments between the specification and the implementation of a transformation using the metamodel footprints. Second, we extend Tracts to deal with text-to-model and model-to-text transformations in order to broaden and complete the scope of our testing proposal. Finally, we provide the corresponding tools that realize our proposal. I. PROBLEM ...
Loli Burgueño
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Year 2015
Authors Loli Burgueño
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