Towards large scale distributed coding

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Towards large scale distributed coding
This paper considers the problem of distributed source coding for a large sensor network. A typical shortcoming of current approaches to true distributed coding is the exponential growth of the decoder codebook size with the number of sources in the network. This growth in complexity renders many traditional approaches impractical for even moderately sized sensor networks. Inspired by our recent results on fusion coding for selective retrieval, we propose a new distributed coding approach that scales to a large number of sources. Central to our approach is a “bit-subset selector” module whose role is to judiciously extract an appropriate subset of the received bits for decoding per individual source. This, together with joint design of all system components, enables direct optimization of the decoder complexity-distortion tradeoff, and thereby the desired scalability. Experiments on both real and synthetic data-sets show considerable gains over heuristic schemes.
Sharadh Ramaswamy, Kumar Viswanatha, Ankur Saxena,
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Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Sharadh Ramaswamy, Kumar Viswanatha, Ankur Saxena, Kenneth Rose
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