Web page summarization using dynamic content

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Web page summarization using dynamic content
Summarizing web pages have recently gained much attention from researchers. Until now two main types of approaches have been proposed for this task: content- and context-based methods. Both of them assume fixed content and characteristics of web documents without considering their dynamic nature. However the volatility of information published on the Internet argue for the implementation of more time-aware techniques. This paper proposes a new approach towards automatic web page description, which extends the concept of a web page by the temporal dimension. Our method provides a broader view on web document summarization and can complement the existing techniques. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.4.0 [Information systems Applications]: General; I.2.7 [Artificial Intelligence]: Natural Language Processing ? text analysis. General Terms Algorithms Keywords web page summarization, change detection, web document
Adam Jatowt
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Year 2004
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Authors Adam Jatowt
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