Window-games between TCP flows

12 years 4 months ago
Window-games between TCP flows
We consider network congestion problems between TCP flows and define a new game, the Window-game, which models the problems of network congestion caused by the competing flows. Analytical and experimental results show the relevance of the Window-game to real TCP congestion games and provide interesting insight into the respective Nash equilibria. Furthermore, we propose a new algorithmic queue mechanism, called Prince, which at congestion makes a scapegoat of the most greedy flow. We provide evidence which shows that Prince achieves efficient Nash equilibria while requiring only limited computational resources. Key words: Algorithmic Game Theory, Network Games, Nash Equilibrium
Pavlos S. Efraimidis, Lazaros Tsavlidis, George B.
Added 21 May 2011
Updated 21 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where TCS
Authors Pavlos S. Efraimidis, Lazaros Tsavlidis, George B. Mertzios
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